Erklärung von Red Action Croatia

Contrary to propaganda that we live in a World of „freedom and democracy“, imperialism uses all means to destroy its opposition, especially those who fight for a world without exploitation. We have seen how Croatia also participates in the struggle against those fighting for a just World with the arrest of Turkish student activist Başak Şahin Duman, who is currently in jail in Zagreb awaiting extradition to Turkey, country with large number of political prisoners, and a country which regularly tortures prisoners.

At the same time, German state is attacking the antifascist movement. In recent months, the police attached huge antifascist and anti capitalist mobilizations on the First May in Berlin, the Blockupy movement in Frankfurt and the blockade of nazi-march in Hamburg. Before that, on the 31th of March, the police attacked an antifascist demonstration in Nürnberg and injured four people. An antifascist activist from Stuttgart, Deniz K. was arrested and charged for attempted murder of two policeman with a flag pole! This ridiculous accusation is the result of the fact that this Nürberg demonstration also warned about the connections between state structures and Nazi terror. To their word of dictatorship of the capital, of wars and repression we oppose our international solidarity.

Free Deniz K. and all political prisoners!